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I'm running for a brighter future for my children and yours.


Education is the best investment we can make in the long-term success of our people, economy, and future. As a lifelong Alaskan, a graduate of our public schools and the University of Alaska, a small business owner, and father of three school-aged children, I understand the importance of a strong and effective education system for our community.


As your representative, I will fight to ensure our youth have access to a high-quality education, from Pre-K to University and be a consistent and vocal advocate for stable and adequate funding for our local schools, the university, and trade and apprenticeship opportunities.

Protecting Alaskans’ Rights

Alaska’s Constitution is considered one of the best in the country because it protects the inherent right to privacy for all Alaskans. My opponent believes that government and partisan politics should dictate the private health care decisions you and your doctor make. I will fight to protect your right to privacy so that you continue to be empowered to make your own decisions free from government overreach.

Economic Growth

As a small businessman and former oil industry worker, creating economic opportunities, incentivizing job growth, and bringing fiscal responsibility to the legislature is a top priority for me. I will fight to ensure we have a strong and prosperous economy and workforce for Alaskans today and tomorrow.


High quality affordable childcare is essential to attracting and retaining parents in our workforce. I know this firsthand, as a business owner with three school-aged children, limited childcare options are a strain on too many Alaskan families. I will work to improve our childcare systems and resources to benefit our children, families, and workforce.

Fiscal Responsibility

The cycle of government overspending when oil revenues are high and drastic cuts when they fall has been harmful to our economy and the people of Alaska. To build a brighter future for our state, we need a long-term fiscal plan that funds the essential services our community depends on while also showing fiscal restraint.

Public Safety

Every Alaskan has the right to feel safe in their homes, neighborhoods, and communities. I will stand up for those who risk their lives to keep Alaska safe and promote policies that support public safety while working to address the root causes of crime.


Alaska has a vast abundance of natural resources that we can develop and use in a responsible manner. I will work toward true energy independence through responsible resource development as well as the expansion of new, sustainable, and affordable energy sources that work for Alaskans and will reduce cost, promote stability, and help to address the reality of climate change.

Effective and Responsive Government

For years, I’ve watched our state grapple with real challenges, but fail to address the issues most important to West Anchorage. Like too many, I have attempted to contact my representatives to speak out on issues impacting our community and have not felt heard. 


As I have gone door-to-door, far too many neighbors have shared this same experience with me and are frustrated with the politicians who are supposed to represent our community. Most have never met their representative - never had a candidate or elected official knock on their door and ask for their opinion. If I don’t make it to your door, or if you are not home when I do, please feel free to reach out and share the issues that matter to you. I promise to always listen to the concerns and needs of each of you and put your interests first, not party bosses or special interests.

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